Who is this guy ?

Pascal Chassoux is a French Director and Cinematographer. He has worked on many short, commercial and corporate films for luxury brands in France. Pascal Chassoux is committed to delivering original, creative and high value films.


I've always been most interested in the work before the shooting and its human aspect, rather than its aesthetics. Meeting with the client, the initial exchange of ideas, the first proposals and

the creativity that flows from this.

The human interaction of my job is 80% of a commercial production. I make sure that I not only take the time to get to know the people with whom I work with, but also grasping the company's needs perfectly.

Afterwards, the most important things is to build an impacting message.

This is how I view a high-quality creation, by its message that we do not forget the aesthetics of the film, which come after, in the service of this message.

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